Family: Meliaceae

Synonyms: Carapa moluccensis Lam.

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Passur, Pussur (Sunderbans); Ail (Chakaria Sunderban).

English Name: The Puzzle Fruit Tree.

Description of the Plant:
A tall, glabrous, evergreen tree about 12 m high, with comperatively small crown. Leaves abruptly paripinnate, 10-25 cm long; leaflets usually 2, sometimes 3 pairs, thinly ovate from broad base, shortly bluntish-acuminate, 5-10 cm long. Flowers small, pinkish yellow in slender, lax panicles, 7-12 cm long, in the axils of leaves. Fruit the size of an orange, globose, 4-grooved, 7-13 cm across.

Using information:
The uses are more or less same as Xylocarpus granatum (no. 735). Juice of stem bark and young fruits is taken as laxative.

Chemical constituents:
Limonoids, xyloccensins A,B,C,D,E and F and methyl-angolensate have been isolated from seeds (Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1993).

In mangrove forests of the southern districts. (Sundarban, Chakaria Sundarban).

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