Family: Rubiaceae

Synonyms: Randia uliginosa DC.

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Piralu, Pirala, Pedalu, Mon-kanta; Belong (Sylhet).

Tribal Name: Suskeng (Garo).

English Name: Grey Emetic Nut.

Description of the Plant:
A small armed rather rigid tree reaching 6 m high, with thick, woody, 4-angled, horizontal branches. Spins decussate at the ends of arrested branchlets. Leaves opposite, 5-20 cm long, crowded at the end of branchlets, obovate to oblong. Flowers white, solitary, 2-5 cm across. Fruit 5-6.3 cm long, ovoid, yellowish brown, crowned with persistant calyx segments.

Using information:
Unripe fruits are used as an astringent; roasted on hot ashes used in diarrhoea and dysentery, especially during pregnancy. Roots are considered cooling, diuretic and tonic; employed in biliousness, diarrhoea, strangury, dysuria and boils of children.

Chemical constituents:
Fruits contain tannins and a number of triterpenoids. Mannitol and leucoanthocyanidin have also been isolated from fruits. Hydrolysis of fruit extract yielded oleanolic acid. Seeds contain fatty oil composed of esters of palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids (Ghani, 2003; Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1990).

In the forests of Chittagong, Sylhet and North Bangal.

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