Family: Fabaceae

Synonyms: U. lagopoides DC.

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Lata-chakuley, Chakuley, Chakulia, Gurkha-chakulia, Golak-chakulia.

Description of the Plant:
A prostrate and ascending woody small shrub, 30-90 cm long. Leaves 2.5-5 cm long; leaflets solitary or 3-foliolate; oblong, rhomboid, rounded, hairy beneath. Racemes dense, oblong, 2.5-6.3 cm long, 2 cm through. Flowers white. Pods 3.8 cm long and 2 cm wide.

Using Information:
The plant is abortifacient, laxative, aphrodisiac; used in remittent fever, asthma, dysentery and for the treatment of inflammation in the chest. Decoction of the leaf is used for diarrhoea. An Ayurvedic drug consists of this plant is used in rheumatism, fever, bleeding piles, catarrh and scorpion-sting. Shoot extract showed oxytocic and antiimplantation activity.

Chemical Constituents:
Principal constituents of this plant are flavonoids and six anti-snake venom flavonoid compounds have been isolated from the plant (Ghani, 2003).

Sal forests of Gazipur and Tangail.

Uraria Lagopoides

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