Family: Solanceae

Synonyms: S. filicifolium sensu Abeywick

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Tit Begun, Gotha Begun, Hat Begun.

Tribal Name: Bigal biji (Chakma); Kajo-ba, Khaja (Marma), Titar Berul (Tanchangya); Kurka Plawo (Murong).

Description of the Plant:
A tomentose, sparingly armed shrub, 2.5-4 m high. Leaves ovate sinuate or lobed, up to 15.3 cm long and 10.2 cm broad, stellately tomentose beneath and softly hairy above, without prickles. Flowers white, in short, extra-axillary, lateral cymes, often bifurcated and dense, many-flowered. Fruit a berry, 0.6-1.3 cm, globose, smooth, yellow when ripe.

Using Information:
The plant is sedative, diuretic and digestive; used in the treatment of cough. Leaves are used as haemostatic. The fruits are eaten as a vegetable; good in enlarged spleen. The Marma take boiled fruits with rice at night for 2-3 days to expell thread-worms. Roots are useful in poulticing cracks in the foot heels.

Ethanolic extract of the leaf possesses wide range of antibacterial and antifungal properties (Anwar et al., 2007 & Begum et al., 2007).

Chemical Constituents:
Fruits contain sterolin (sitosterol-d-glucoside) and 0.1% gluco-alkaloid solasonine (Chopra et. al., 1992). Steriodal sapogenins - sisalagenone and torvogenin have also been isolated from fruits (Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1993). Leaves contain steroidal gluco-alkaloid, solasonine; steroidal sapogenins, neochlorogenin, neosolaspigenin and solaspigenin. They also contain triacontanol, tetratriacontainic acid, 3-tritriacontanone, sitosterol, stigmasterol and campesterol (Ghani, 2003).


Outskirt of the forests and roadsides, throughout the country.

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