Family: Rubiaceae

Tribal Name: Pondal (Dinajpur, Santal).

Description of the Plant:
A small unarmed evergreen tree about 12 m high; branchlets opposite, quadrangular. Leaves in two opposite vertical rows, elliptic-oblong, 10-18 cm long. Flowers 1 cm long, white or yellowish, in leaf-opposed, subsessile, much-branched cymes, 6.3 cm wide. Fruit a berry, about 7 mm long, ovoid or globose.

Using Information:
In Indo-China the bark is given in the so-called “forest fever”. In Cambodia, the wood is prescribed in the treatment of paludism. (Yusuf et al. 2009).

In deciduous and evergreen forests of Sylhet and Dinajpur.

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