Family: Orobanchaceae

Synonyms: O. indica Ham.

Bengali/Vernacular Name:Shet-murga, Muragphul.

Tribal Name: Soononbom, Kasopai (Marma), Su Sang Sak (Tanchamgya), Ranga chuma (Chakma), Se-ankanlingpo (Khumi).

English Name: Quail Grass, Cock's Comb.

Description of the Plant:
An erect, leafless annual herb, 10-50 cm high, root parasite on mustard plant. Flowers sessile or lower shortly pedicillate, numerous, in cylindric spikes. Corolla 2-3.2 cm long, the upper part blue or lilac the lower part nearly white. Capsules nearly 1.3 cm long, oblong acuminate.

Using Information:
The plant is used to stop diarrhoea. It is also used for the cure of boil in the throat of cattle in different areas of India (Yusuf et al. 2009).

Chemical Constituents:
Atropine (75.7%), hyoscine (18.5%) along with some minor alkaloids, belladonnine, apoatropine and meteloidine have been found in Egyptian plant (Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1993).

Khulna, Kustia, Rajshahi.

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