OCIMUM BASILICUM L. var. Purpuresence

Family: Lamiaceae

Tribal name: Junga ju (Tanchangya); Chang Giroma (Murong).

Description of the Plant:
A much branched, aromatic undershrub with purple spike. Other characters are more or less same as that of O. basilicum.

Using Information:
Leaves are used for the treatment of bronchitis, ringworm, cataract, chronic diarrhoea, dysentery, nephritis and neuralgia. Decoction of the leaf is expectorant. Decoction of the root is aphrodisiac (Yusuf et al. 2009).

Chemical Constituents:
The fresh aerial parts of the plant contain 0.38% essential oil. 62 components were identified in the oil; the major compoments were linalool (29.7%), geraniol (27.7%), geranyl acetate (13.8%), terpinene-4-ol (5.7%). Other notable components were limonene, geranial, α-bulnesene and neral. In addition to α-bulnesene, 20 other sesquiterpene compounds were also identified (Mondello et al., 2002).

Cultivated in jhum in Chittagong Hill Tracts.

OCIMUM BASILICUM L. var. Purpuresence

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