Synonyms: Nelumbium nelumbo Druce.,  N. speciosum Willd.

Family: Nymphaeaceae

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Poddo, Padma.

English Name: Lotus, The sacred lotus.

Description of the Plant:
A large aquatic herb with slender, elongate, branched, creeping stem. Leaves large, 0.3-0.6 m or more in diam., orbicular, peltate, entire, floating with very long petioles. Flowers solitary, 10-25 cm diam. White or rosy, peduncles very long. Fruit obconical, 5 cm long and 6 cm broad, top flat.

Using Information:
Roots are diuretic; useful in cough, biliousness, throat troubles and spermatorrhoea; in the form of powder it is prescribed for dysentery, dyspepsia and piles as a demulcent; in the form of paste in ringworms and other cutaneous affections. The tender leaves are cooling; useful in burning sensation of the body, thirst, strangury, piles and leprosy. The flowers are considered cardiac tonic, used as an astringent in diarrhoea and cholera, in fever and liver diseases. Stamens are considered aphrodisiac, astringent and cooling and sedative to the uterus; useful in burning sensation of the body, bleeding piles, menorrhagia and diarrhoea; cures ulcers and mouth sores. Seeds are demulcent, refrigerant and form a cooling medicine for skin diseases and leprosy; given to children as diuretic and to check vomiting. Sherbet prepared from the plant is refrigerant; given for fever, biliousness, vomiting and strangury; it remove worms and allays thirst (Yusuf et al. 2009).


Chemical Constituents:
Leaves, pedicels and embryo are reported to contain alkaloids, nelumbine and nupharine, nuciferine, nornuciferine, pronuciferine, roemerine, anonaine, 5-methoxy-6-hydroxyaporphine and meratin hyperoside, quercetin, isoquercetin, a quercetin glucoside (quercetin-3-gluco-glucuronide), nelumboside, luteolin and glucoluteolin, dl-armepavine oxalate. Rhizomes and seeds contain resins, tannin, fat, glucose and the alkaloid nelumbine. Raffinose and stachyose have been isolated from rhizome. Seeds contained β-sitosterol, palmitic acid, glucose, oxoushinsunine and N-norarmepavine. Methylcorypalline, neferine, isoliensinine and lotusine have been isolated from embryo (Ghani, 2003, Rastogi and Mehrotra, 1990 & 93).

In Bills and Haors of Gajipur, Mymensingh, Bagerhat, Kishoreganj, Naogaon, Nawabganj, Rangpur, Sherpur, Feni and some other districts.

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