Family: Rutaceae

Synonyms: Feronia elephantum Correa, Feronia limonia (L.) Swingle, Schinus limonia L.

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Kait, Kadbel.

Tribal Name: Angklu (Khumi).

English Name: Curd Fruit, Elephant Apple, Monkey Fruit, Wood Apple.

Description of the Plant:
A medium-sized tree with straight sharp strong spines. Leaves imparipinnate, smelling of aniseed; petiole and rachis flat, often narrowly winged; leaflets 3-9, opposite, 2.5-5 cm long, cuneate or obovate. Flowers small, dull red in lateral or terminal panicles. Fruits 5-6.3 cm diam., globose, hard, grey.

Using Information:
Fruits are refrigerant, stomachic, stimulant, astringent, aphrodisiac, diuretic, cardiotonic, tonic to the liver and lungs; cures cough, hiccup and dysentery; good for asthma, consumption, tumours, ophthalmia and leucorrhoea. The juice is good for stomatitis and sore throat. The unripe fruit is astringent and is used in diarrhoea and dysentery. Seeds are used in heart diseases. The leaves are astringent and carminative; good for vomiting, indigestions, hiccup and dysentery (Yusuf et al. 2009).

Chemical Constituents:
Fruit pulp contains large quantity of citric acid and other fruit acids, mucilage and minerals. Leaves contain stigmasterol, psoralen, bergapten, orientin, vitedin, saponarin, tannins and an essential oil. Alkaloids, coumarins, fatty acids and sterols have been detected in the pericarp. It also contains umbelliferone, dictamnine, xanthotoxol, scoparone, xanthotoxin, isopimpinellin, iso-imperatorin and marmin. Leaves contain stigmasterol, psoralen, bergapten, orientin, vitexin and saponarin. Marmesin, feronolide and feronone have been isolated from the bark. Seeds contain fixed oil, carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids. Roots contain feronialactone, geranyl umbelliferone, bargapten, osthol, isopimpinellin, marmesin and marmin. Ursolic acid and a new flavanone glycoside-7-O-methylporiol-4′-β-xylopyranosyl-D-glucopyranoside (I) have been isolated from heartwood (Ghani, 2003; Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1990 & 93).

Planted in Dhaka, Rajshahi and Sirajganj, Khulna, Jessore, Satkhira, occasionally in other Districts.

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