Family: Helminthostachyaceae

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Ekbir.

Tribal Name: Simskrankhi (Marma); Ghamassya (Chakma).

Description of the Plant:
A stipitate fern, with thick, fleshy, creeping rhizome, stipes often 30 cm long, barren segment palmately pinnate, often in three principal divisions, which are again forked or pinnate; fertile spike solitary, arising from the base of the barren segment, 7.5-10 cm long and 13 mm broad.

Using Information:
The plant has intoxicating properties; used in sciatica. It is regarded in the Moluccas as a mild aperient. The Malays regard the rhizome as a tonic and eat it with betel in whooping cough; it is also used in dysentery, catarrh, and early stage of phthisis. The plant is also used to stop hemorrhage by the tribal in Khagrachari. Decoction of the rhizome is used in impotency. In Bandarban, root juice along with other plants is given orally in jaundice by the Marma. Leaf juice relieves tongue blisters (Yusuf et al. 2009).

Chemical Constituents:
Rhizome of the plant contains 4 flavonoids, ugonin A, B, C and D, stigmasterol, fucosterol and dulcitol (Asolkar et al., 1992).

Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sundarbans and occasionally in other places.


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