Synonyms: Grewia scabrophylla Roxb.

Family: Tiliaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Phalsa.

Description of the plant:
A low tree or shrub; young shoots and inflorescence rusty tomentose. Leaves 10-18 cm long, broadly elliptic or suborbicular, sometimes slightly lobed, irregularly serrate or denticulate. Flowers white, 2-3 together on each peduncle; peduncle axillary, solitary or clustered. Fruit 1.7-2.5 cm diam., globose, purple, crustaceous, hairy.

Using information:
Roots are prescribed in cough and irritable conditions of the intestines and bladder. Decoction is used as an emollient, enema and as a remedy for leprosy (Yusuf et al. 2009).

EtOH(50%) extract of aerial parts possesses anticancer properties (Asolkar et al., 1992).

In scrub forests and village thickets of Sylhet and Chittagong.

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