FICUS BENJAMINA L. var. comosa (Roxb.) Kurz.

Synonyms: Ficus comosa Roxb.

Family: Moraceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Pakur, Paikar; Jiri Bot (Chittagong).

English name: Willow-fig, Java-fig, Swamp-fig.

Description of the plant:
A large, graceful, evergreen tree with spreading crown and drooping branches. Leaves, rigidly chartaceous, 5-9 cm long, ovate to elliptically ovate, rather long and blantish acuminate. Receptacles sessile, by pairs or solitary, in the axils of the leaves, globular or almost obovate, varying in size from 8 mm to nearly 2 cm diam., blood-red when ripe.

FICUS BENJAMINA L. var. comosa (Roxb.) Kurz.

Using information:
In Malabar, a decoction of the leaves mixed with oil is applied to ulcers. The milky juice is used against whitening of the cornea by the mundas of Chota Nagpur. When a baby’s eyes get white, they mix the juice with mother’s milk and instill about two drops of the mixture in its eyes (Yusuf et al. 2009).

Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar and northern districts.

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