Family: Nymphaeaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Makhna, Kanta Padma, Kanta Makhna.
English name: Fox nut.

Description of the plant:
A densely prickly aquatic herb with thick rootstocks. Leaves peltate, corrugate, 0.3-1.2 m across, elliptic or orbicular, green above, downy, deep bluish purple beneath, with strong spiny ribs. Petiole long, wavy, spiny. Flowers 2.5-5 cm long, bright red inside, green and shining outside. Fruit spongy, spiny, 5-10 cm diam.


Using information:
Seeds are tonic, astringent, deobstruent and aphrodisiac; good in dysmenorrhoea and restrain seminal gleet. Flowers are tonic and aphrodisiac; restrain seminal gleet. Leaves are good for rheumatism (Yusuf et al. 2009).

Chemical constituents:
Acylated steryl glycosides have been isolated from this plant. Seed contains starch, protein, vitamins and minerals (Ghani, 2003).

Beels and Haors of Kishoregonj and Sylhet.