Achasma linguiforme (Roxb.) Loesen.,  Amomum limguiforme (Roxb.) Baker
Family: Zingiberaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Tera (Chittagong).
Tribal name: Kom Hing (Murong).

Description of the plant:
A tall, leafy, perennial herb, up to 2 m high, with stout, copiously stoloniferous aromatic rhizome. Leaves 30-45 cm long, oblong, lanceolate, glabrous. Spikes about 8 cm long, red, oblong, narrowed at both ends, few-flowered, submerged mostly in the soil. Lip of the flower 5 cm long, oblong, bright red and yellow, deflexed, folded below the middle.


Using information:
Pieces of rhizomes are chewed with betel leaf to cure sore throat in Hathazari area of Chittagong (Yusuf et al. 2009).

Chemical constituents:
Fresh leaves contain 0.15% essential oil, composed of about 39 compoments; majors are eucalyptol (39.69%), β-pinene (13.34%), α-pinene (7.80%), linalool (7.39%), β-elemene, α- selinene, β-terpinyl acetate, α-phellandrene and juniper camphor. Fresh rhizome contains 0.4% essential oil with Fennel like smell, composed of about 19 components; majors are methyl chevicol (49.93%), methyl eugenol (32.3%), β-pinene, asarone, eucalyptol and α-pinene (Yusuf, 1999).

Hill forests of Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts and Moulvi Bazar.