Eichhornia speciosa Kunth, Piaropus crassipes (Mart.) Raf., Pontederia crassipes Mart.
Family: Pontederiaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Kachuripana, Jarmuni.
Tribal name: Dorear pena (Tripura).
English name: Water-hyacinth.

Description of the plant:
Aquatic, free floating herb, sending down a large bunch of long fibrous roots from a very short, leafy, main stem. Petioles spongy, very much swollen in young plants. Leaf-blades broadly ovate or rhomboid, shallowly cordate or rounded at the base, quite glabrous. Inflorescence spiciform, erect, peduncled, bearing 10-20 showy flowers; petals 6, lilac-blue, posterior lobe with a bright yellow median blotch.

Using information:
For the treatment of goiter the plant juice is given orally and poultice of the plant pulp externally for three months. Shoot extract showed gibberellin-like activity (Yusuf et al. 2009).


Chemical constituents:
Root contains bound auxin. Plant releases mercury. Flowers yield anthocyanin - eichhornin, characterized as delphinidin-3-diglucoside. Flowers and rhizomes contain quercetin, compesterol, β-sitosterol & stigmasterol (Asolkar et al., 1992). Fresh leaves contain 51.1-57.6 mg of carotene per kg (Anon, 1952).

Throughout the country in ditches, lakes and ponds.