Family: Tiliaceae

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Banpat, Bilnalita, Janglipat.

Description of the Plant

An annual, 15-45 cm high, much-branched from the base. Leaves 2-4 cm long, elliptic-oblong, obtuse, serrate, the lower serratures not produced into filiform appendages. Flowers in very short, leaf opposed cymes. Capsules 12 mm long, straight, cylindric.

Using Information

The plant is tonic, anthelmintic, astringent to the bowels and restorative; useful in ulcers, tumour, ascites and piles; cures dysentery. The leaves are cooling, laxative, stimulant, tonic and aphrodisiac. Seeds are alexipharmac; cures tumour, pain, stomach troubles, scabies and other skin diseases.

Glycosides of the plant possess spasmolytic action (Asolkar et al., 1992).

Chemical Constituents

ß-sitosterol; betulinic acid and a new flavonoid glycoside have been isolated from the plant (Rastogi and Mehrotra, 1993). Seeds yield cardenolides including trilocularin (Asolkar et al., 1992).


North Bengal, in fallow lands.

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