Synonyms: Balsamodendron roxburghii Arn.

Family: Burseraceae

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Gugala.

English Name: Indian Bdellium.

Description of the Plant

A small crooked tree, 1.2-1.8 m high, with many spreading and drooping crooked branches, the short lateral branches often ending in spines. Leaves 1-3-foliolate; leaflets oval or elliptic, terminal one very finely serrulate, lateral one very small. Flowers red, small, collected in little bundles on the small protruberant buds left by the previous year's leaves. Drupe the size of a black currant, red.

Using Information

The gum of the plant has same properties as that of "Guggul" (C. mukul). It is laxative, stomachic, aphrodisiac, alterative, tonic, anthelmintic, maturant, resolvent, expectorant and carminative; useful in mascular rheumatism, lung complaints, asthma, dyspepsia, piles, skin diseases, ascites, nervous diseases, urinary concretions, leucoderma, tumours and scrofulous affections. It heals ulcers, fistula and piles.



Forests of Sylhet

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