Synonyms: Arum esculentum L.

Family: Araceae

Bengali/Vernacular Name: Kachu, Mukhikachu, Bahumukhi, Mokaddam kachu.

Tribal Name: Sung Faoua Sarakan (Marma); Ara Kachu, Chara Kachu (Tanchangya).

English Name: Taro, Dasheen, Eddo, Cocoyam.

Description of the Plant

Tall herb with underground tuberous stem. Petiole erect, up to 1.2 m. long; lamina peltate-ovate, cordate at the base, up to 50 cm. long. Spathe pale yellow, 15-35 cm long; spadix much shorter than the spathe.

Using Information

The pressed juice of the petioles is styptic, stimulant and rubefacient; used in athlet's foot and to stop bleeding from cuts. Leaf juice is used in tumours, ulcerated polyp, cancer of nose and warts. Corm juice is laxative; used in cases of piles, congestion of the portal system and alopecia.

EtOH(50%) extract of rhizome is hypotensive (Asolkar et al., 1992).

Chemical Constituents

Leaves contain sterols, HCN and oxalic acid. Rhizomes contain starch, trypsin inhibitor and 2- a-amylase inhibitors sterols and calcium oxalate (Ghani, 2003).


In most of the districts, cultivated and wild.

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