B. latifolia Roxb.
Family: Anacardiaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Pial, Piyal, Piyar; Nala-amsi (Chittagong).

Description of the plant:
BUCHANANIA LANZAN Spreng. is a medium-sized to large evergreen tree, with straight trunk. Leaves 15-25 cm long, thickly coriaceous, broadly oblong. Flowers small, sessile, greenish white, in terminal and axillary pyramidal panicles. Drupes obliquely lentiform, 8-12 mm in the long diam., black.

Using information:
Fruits are laxative, binding, cooling and aphrodisiac; cures biliousness, fever, thirst and ulcers. Seeds are aphrodisiac, expectorant, astringent to bowels, stomachic, cardiac and brain tonic; cures biliousness and burning sensation of the body. Seed oil is applied to glandular swellings of the neck. The pounded carnel is used as a remedy for itch, pimples, prickly heat and skin diseases; also employed by women to remove spots and blemishes from the face; useful in gleet, urinary concretions and fevers. Gum exudes from the bark is administered in diarrhoea. The roots and leaves, pounded and mixed with buttermilk is given in diarrhoea. Leaves are considered as tonic and cardiotonic.

Buchanania Lanzan

Chemical constituents:
Bark contains 13.4% tannin (Chopra et al., 1992).

Forest of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Cox's Bazar.