BREYNIA RETUSA (Dennst.) Alston.

B. patens (Roxb.) Benth., Phyllanthus retusus Dennst.
Family: Euphorbiaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Silpati.

Description of the plant:
BREYNIA RETUSA (Dennst.) Alston. is a shrub with spreading branches, 1-2 m high. Leaves 1.25-2.5 cm long, distichous, broadly elliptic. Flowers small, axillary on filiform pedicels, the males in the lower and females in the upper axils. Male flowers pale yellow. Fruit depressed-globose, 13-17 mm diam.

Breynia Retusa
BREYNIA RETUSA (Dennst.) Alston

Using information:
The plant is astringent to the bowels; useful in inflammations and diseases of the blood. The juice of the stem is used in conjunctivitis. Leaves employed to hasten suppuration.

In scrub forests of Sylhet and Chittagong Hill Tracts.