A. caudatum L.
Family: Adiantaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Mayurshikha.
English name: Maiden-hair Fern.

Description of the plant:
ADIANTUM INCISUM Forsk. is a tufted fern. Stipes 5-10 cm long, tufted, wiry, spreading, dark chestnut-brown, tomentose; fronds 15.25-30 cm long, simply pinnate, often elongated and rooting at the extremity, pinnae 12-18 mm long, 6 mm deep, dimidiate, the lower line straight and horizontal, the upper rounded, more or less cut, often deeply and repeatedly; sori roundish or transversely oblong on the edge of the lobes.

Using information:
The leaves are used as a cure for cough, fever and chest affection. They are also employed for diabetes and externally the leaf paste is used to cure skin diseases. It has antibacterial properties also.

EtOH(50%) extract of the plant is hypoglycaemic and spasmogenic (Asolkar et al., 1992).

Chemical constituents:
The fern contains triterpenoids (including adiantone, isoadiantone) and flavonoids (including rutin and isoquercetin), hentriacontane, 16-hentriacontanone, adiantone, isoadiantone, ß-sitosterol and fernene. (Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1993).

Chuadanga, Kushtia, Dhaka, Rajshahi in shade.