Family: Mimosaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Rakta Kambal, Ranjan, Rakta Kanchan.
English name: Red wood.

Description of the plant:
ADENANTHERA PAVONINA L. is a small tree. Leaves 2-pinnate; leaflets oblong, alternate. Flowers small, pale yellow, in short-peduncled axillary and terminal racemes. Pods 15-22 cm long, flat, falcately curved, valves spirally twisted after dehiscence. Seeds lenticular-globose, brilliant scarlet.

Adenanthera Pavonina

Using information:
Seeds are used for boils, cholera, general paralysis and inflammation. Decoction of the seeds is used in pulmonary affections, and externally applied in chronic ophthalmia. A decoction of the leaves or bark is a remedy for chronic rheumatism, gout, haematuria and haematemesis. Roots are used as an emetic.

Chemical constituents:
Plant contains robinetin, chalcone, butein, ampelopsin (dihydromyricetin) and dihydrorobinetin; ether extract of wood contains 2, 4- dihydroxybenzoic acid as major constituent. Bark contains saponins which on hydrolysis and methylation yield Meodeanolate and Me-echynocystate, stigmasterol, glucoside and fatty acids, oleanoic and echinocystic acids. Leaves contain alkaloid, octacosanol, dulcitol, ß-sitosterol glucoside and stigmasterol. Seeds contain HCN-glucoside, lignoceric acid, dulcitol, stigmasterol, stigmasterol glucoside and polysaccharide (Ghani, 2003).

Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts and Sylhet; occasionally planted.