Family: Lauraceae

Tribal name: Sigirasig (Chakma).

Description of the plant:
ACTINODAPHNE ANGUSTIFOLIA Nees. is a medium-sized evergreen tree. Leaves 4-6 in a whorl, 10-30 cm long, coriaceous, lanceolate, oblanceolate or elliptic. Flowers small, dioecious, yellowish, the males in clusters of about 8, the females umbellate or sub-racemose on very stout peduncles. Berry 8 mm across, ellipsoid, red when ripe.

Using information:
Leaves are used in urinary disorder and diabetes in Khagrachari district of Chittagong Hill Tracts.

EtOH(50%) extract of leaves is spasmolytic (Asolkar et al., 1992).

Chemical constituents:
Fruit kernel contains monoflaurin, lauric acid, n-hexacosanol, ß-sitosterol and its glucosides. Leaves contain ß-sitosterol, quercetin 3-rhamnoside, vitexin, friedelin and hydrocarbons (Asolkar et al., 1992; Rastogi & Mehrotra, 1993).

Evergreen forests of Chittagong, Chittaging Hill Tracts, Cox's Bazar, Sylhet and North Bengal.