Family: Mimosaceae

Bengali/vernacular name: Boloa lot, Kuchi lot, Kuchui.
Tribal name: Kram Baino (Marma); Larong pata (Tanchangya).

Description of the plant:
A large scandent shrub, armed with stout, slightly hooked or straight prickles. Leaves 2-pinnate, pinnae 16-30, leaflets 80-100, minute, linear; flowers small, white or pale yellow in large terminal panicles. Pods straight, strap-shaped, thin, 15-20 cm long.

Using information:
The bark is acrid, hot; cures biliousness, bronchitis, asthma; used with pepper as an anema for stomach complaints. Leaf juice mixed with milk given to infants in indigestion. Leaves are chewed with cumin and sugar in bleeding gums. Leaf paste mixed with milk, cumin and sugar used as a remedy for scalding of urine.

Chemical constituents:
Bark contains lupeol, α-spinasterol and ß-sitosterol (Asolkar et al., 1992).

In evergreen and scrub forests of Sylhet.